Firm Overview

Our expertise includes the analysis of numerous issues, a few of which include: decoupling, energy efficiency program assessments, resource planning, rate case evaluations, gas and electric adjustment clause audits, nuclear cost recovery, rate design, class cost of service studies, econometrics, and accounting and financial matters. We have a wide range of clients including public service commissions, attorney generals, consumer advocates, counties, and cities, law firms, and private companies.



  • ACG has been involved in over 200 natural gas, electric, telecommunications, and water and wastewater rate proceedings over the past several years.
  • ACG has extensive experience in the analysis of rate design, class cost of service issues and revenue decoupling. Most recently, ACG has been actively involved in both research and analysis on these issues at the national level.
  • ACG has participated in numerous proceedings involving class cost-of-service studies and cost allocation methodologies.
  • ACG has wide-ranging experience in the analysis of performance based regulation, particularly price cap regulation and the various empirical analyses utilized to develop productivity adjustment factors.
  • ACG has considerable statistical experience in benchmarking utility fuel and operating expense performance.
  • ACG has conducted extensive audits of electric company fuel adjustment clauses and natural gas company purchased gas adjustment ("PGA") clauses in Louisiana and Arkansas.
  • ACG has been involved in numerous rate cases examining many accounting and financial issues. 




Our team has significant professional credentials and experience having worked in different capacities including government service, academia, private industry, and consulting. They have:

  • Worked on behalf of Consumer Counsels, Attorney Generals and Commission staffs across the U.S.;
  • Recently examined rate design and decoupling issues concerning Questar Gas Company, Bay State Gas Company, Piedmont Natural Gas Company, SourceGas Distribution, LLC, and National Grid;
  • Worked in advisory capacities to legislative delegations and administrative agencies;
  • Published extensively in trade and professional journals on important energy policy issues and analytic methods; and
  • Extensive public speaking engagements before academic, trade, and professional associations with an emphasis on being able to translate difficult and complex energy industry changes into accessible terms.