Case Engagements

ACG and its members have provided reports, testimonies, and policy recommendations concerning energy and regulated industries for over 30 years. Our experience covers a wide variety of clients, subjects, and industries. Please follow one of the links above for a complete history of our Electric, Gas, Telecommunications, and Water/Wastewater case engagements.

Recently Completed Assignments

In Re:  I/M/O the Petition of Pivotal Utility Holdings, Inc. d/b/a Elizabethtown Gas for Approval of the ENDURE Program and Deferred Accounting Treatment; BPU Docket No. GO13090826. Completed 2014. ACG assisted the New Jersey Division of Rate Counsel in examining the petition by Elizabethtown Gas concerning their Distribution Utility Reinforcement Effort infrastructure rate program.  ACG reviewed the economic, policy, and engineering aspects of the Company’s storm hardening program filing for reasonableness and prudency.

In Re:  The Petition of Fitchburg Gas and Electric Company (Electric Division) d/b/a Unitil for Approval of an Increase in Base Distribution Rates for Electric Service; D.P.U. 13-90. Completed 2014.  ACG assisted the Massachusetts Attorney General with an examination of the capital cost adjustment mechanism (“CCAM”) and the performance-based regulation (“PBR”) proposals filed by the Company.  ACG also critiqued the Company’s productivity-cost inflation analysis. ACG recommended rejection of the PBR based on several factors including lack of future ratepayer benefits, a flawed productivity-cost inflation analysis, and an alternative analysis suggesting the electric distribution productivity was higher than the Company’s analysis suggested.

In Re:  In the Matter of Delmarva Power & Light Company’s Application For an Increase in Electric Base Rates; Docket No. 13-115; Completed 2014.  ACG assisted Delaware’s Division of the Public Advocate with an analysis of the Company’s class cost of service study (CCOSS) and rate design. ACG also assessed the Company’s reliability and evaluated its compliance with Commission standards.  ACG recommended rejection of pro forma Adjustment 26 finding that it lacked a defined review for appropriateness and reasonableness.  For the CCOSS, ACG recommended the modifications of using a Total Distribution Plant allocator to allocate general and common plant accounts.  ACG’s rate design recommendations included a two-step methodology, whereby, the first step would limit the rate increase to any under-earning class, and the second step would distribute any remaining revenue deficiency across all other classes in proportion to their test year revenue.

In Re:  I/M/O the Petition of Public Service Electric & Gas Company for Approval of Changes in Its Electric Green Programs Recovery Charges and Its Gas Green Programs Cost Recovery Filing; BPU Docket Nos. ER13070603/GR13070604. Completed 2014.  ACG assisted the New Jersey Division of Rate Counsel in examining the proposed rate changes involving six of the Company’s energy efficiency programs.

In Re:  I/M/O the Petition of Public Service Electric & Gas Company to Modify its Manufactured Gas Plant (MGP) Remediation Component Within its Electric Societal Benefits Charge (SBC) and its Gas SBC; for a Board Order Finding that its MGP Remediation Work Performed During the Remediation Adjustment Charge (RAC) 20 Period, August 1, 2011 to July 31, 2012.  Completed 2014.    ACG assisted the New Jersey Division of Rate Counsel in examining the petition by PSE&G.  ACG analyzed the costs, budgeting, cost recovery, prudence, and ratemaking treatment of costs in remediating its former manufactured gas plant sites.

 In Re:  Strategic Energy/Economic Development Report. Completed 2013.  ACG was retained by the Mississippi Energy Institute (“MEI”) to develop a research tool that could be used to assist state, regional, and local economic development professionals as well as other policy stakeholders in successfully competing for a number of rapidly-emerging energy-based manufacturing opportunities arising from the unconventional energy production revolution now occurring in the U.S.  ACG produced a study designed to educate stakeholders about how this revolution had arisen, how it was being successfully leveraged to create a new “manufacturing renaissance” in the U.S., and how Mississippi could actively and successfully participate in this new renaissance.

In Re:  Bay State Gas Company d/b/a Columbia Gas of Massachusetts’s Petition for Approval of an Increase in Base Distribution Rates for Gas Service; D.P.U. 13-75; Completed 2013.  ACG assisted the Attorney General’s Office with an analysis of the Company’s Targeted Infrastructure Replacement Factor (TIRF) and issues relating to infrastructure replacement, regulatory lag, and environmental benefits of the TIRF.  ACG also conducted a benchmarking analysis comparing the Company’s O&M and A&G costs on a per customer and per volume basis.