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Michael Deupree, Research Associate


Mr. Deupree has over seven years in the field of public utility regulation. This consists of two and a half years of experience working for the Kansas Corporation Commission (KCC) and five years at ACG.

During his tenure with the KCC, Mr. Deupree provided expert analyses and testimony in proceedings concerning the regulation of ratepayer-financed energy efficiency programs. Mr. Deupree also participated in the regulatory review of a proposed environmental retrofit to an electric generation unit in compliance with EPA environmental regulations

During his time with ACG, Mr. Deupree has conducted analyses into the performance and benefits of renewable energy systems, and other matters involving energy and the environment, such as distribution infrastructure riders and utility mergers and acquisitions. Mr. Deupree has also assisted in the examination and analysis of contracts and pricing structures as well as the performance risks and the benefits associated with natural gas and LNG storage facilities. Mr. Deupree also has extensive experience in conducting Class Cost of Service studies and examining utility Rate Design issues.

Mr. Deupree holds an MA in Economics from the University of Kansas and a BA in Business Economics with minors in Political Science and Mathematics from Buena Vista University in Iowa.