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Elizabeth Oleks, Research Consultant


Ms. Oleks has significant experience in the natural gas and electric power industries. Her 15 years of experience includes providing support for various regulatory and government institutions, as well as private and public companies, on energy and regulatory matters. Ms. Oleks has worked extensively throughout the U.S., Mexico, and South America. Her consulting experience includes the examination of regulatory frameworks and tariff structures for both government entities and private companies in Canada, Mexico, Argentina, and Australia.

Ms. Oleks’ natural gas industry experience includes the development of financial models for the purpose of rate design and asset valuation within the context of rate reviews, privatizations, and greenfield development. She has assisted in the analysis of market competition for the provision of natural gas transportation services as well as the review of a proposed joint venture between a major energy marketer and natural gas pipeline company. She has examined fuel procurement issues and assisted in PGA audits in connection with local distribution companies and has been involved in a number of cases analyzing the competitive nature of natural gas transportation (interstate, intrastate and LDC) and gathering markets. Ms. Oleks also have experience examining revenue neutrality, revenue decoupling, natural gas energy efficiency and demand side management programs. Ms. Oleks has experience in the valuation of gas storage facilities, examining the issues of reliability, risk management, price normalization, and economic benefits.

Ms. Oleks has analyzed the infrastructure and service industries that support the offshore oil and gas industry in the Gulf of Mexico. She has estimated the potential economic benefits resulting from proposed LNG developments in Louisiana and the Gulf of Mexico and has evaluated the potential impacts of royalty relief on state oil and gas production.

Ms. Oleks holds a B.A. in economics from Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut.