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Ed McGee, Engineering Associate


Mr. McGee is a professional engineer with a broad international background in the gas supply, energy, chemical, pipeline, LNG, and process industries. He has extensive experience in the application of planning and management techniques, and in the development of hydraulic simulation, risk management, and optimization models.

In the regulatory environment, Mr. McGee has extensive audit and hearing experience before various public utilities commissions. He has conducted eight management audits and has testified regarding LDC gas supply, portfolio composition, and gas peaking plants. He has also studied accelerated pipe replacement programs as well as natural gas development and supply capabilities, including hydraulic fracturing operations. Furthermore, Mr. McGee has assisted in the development of statewide energy assurance plans for Idaho and North Dakota.

In the operations area, Mr. McGee has completed LDC and Country-wide pipeline simulation and optimization models to develop coordinated supply, peaking, and storage plans in the context of expanded strategic pipeline investments. Mr. McGee prepared the asset condition assessment of the New Mexico Gas Company system and the adequacy of existing operations and planned maintenance and improvements.

Mr. McGee also has extensive experience in directing the construction of pipeline optimization and simulation models. In the landmark study for ISO-New England, he produced the first interconnected engineering model of all of New England’s pipeline systems and all merchant power plants. Results indicated capacity constraints and forecasted when planned construction of gas-fired plants would lead to shortages of supplies and affect the reliability of the electric grid.

Mr. McGee has designed, developed and implemented a transmission pipeline model of the Southern Pipeline in Argentina for the largest distribution companies in the country (Pampeana and Sur). The model encompassed over two hundred and fifty delivery points along the pipeline and is used for daily nominations, dispatch and balancing of supplies.

Additionally, Mr. McGee has written and presented a number of papers on subjects including natural gas development, supply management, and optimization models in dispatching gas supplies.

Mr. McGee received his B.S. and M.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Notre Dame and his MBA from the University of Chicago. He is a member of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers and the Institute of Management Sciences.